Emergence Health Network ensures superior recovery-based services for mental health, developmental disability and related conditions for the people of El Paso County. Investing in people to achieve specific, measurable results is an essential part of community development. Emergence Health Network is committed to investing in services that work, making a positive, measurable difference in people’s lives; and helping communities. Stable families mean safer neighborhoods, a more productive work force, higher contributing citizens, residents


Emergence Health Network (EHN) will lead behavioral and developmental services in the El Paso region ensuring access to quality services, advocating for a better quality of life, and providing strength, hope and recovery for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Social problems, like poverty, drug abuse and violence, destroy families and communities and leave children emotionally damaged, unprepared to learn and robbed of their full potential. Emergence Health Network assists Texas’ most vulnerable citizens – Texans with either or both severe and persistent mental illness and developmental disabilities – and helps individuals and families solve their problems and take care of themselves