Message from the CEO

Our report this year celebrates our successes and looks forward to even greater accomplishments in the years to come. Fiscal Year 2018 was an eventful year, and 2019 is shaping up to be even more exciting.  But before we get into exciting future events, let us look back and celebrate some of last year’s successes.

In 2018 EHN’s strong financial position allowed us to allocate additional resources to two of the most important facets of our operation: technology and human capital. We were able to prepay a significant portion of our new electronic health record and to implement a salary and compensation study for every position in the organization. This will help EHN prepare for many of the challenges we will face in the quickly evolving healthcare market. And most importantly, it allowed us to invest in our most valuable resource—the clinicians, caseworkers and support staff who provide vital services to our patient population.

EHN has also embarked on several new partnership opportunities with technology companies that are working on the next generation of medical screening technology and will keep us at the forefront of patient care. You will soon see EHN collaborate with companies that normally do not work with community centers but see in EHN a progressive partner that help them roll out exciting new tools to improve the lives of individuals with a mental health diagnosis and beyond. I cannot tell you how excited I am about what the future holds for EHN. We have proven ourselves as leaders and innovators on a state and national level. And thanks to our many partners and stakeholders and our committed Board of Trustees, we continue to invest in innovation and put El Paso on the map when it comes to leadership in behavioral health and health care integration.


Kristi Daugherty, LISW, LCSW, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Message from County of El Paso

“Part of what has made our community and Emergence so resilient is our ability to collaborate. More than ever before addressing our community’s mental health needs means addressing it from multiple fronts. For example, I’m proud of the County’s collaboration with Emergence as they now provide mental healthcare in our jail system and the community’s efforts to provide a mental health Crisis Intervention Team with the City of El Paso.

Despite being separate entities, we are all working toward collaborating for the good of our region. As our mental health needs have grown, Emergence has been resilient and found ways to assist a greater number of El Pasoans. A huge thanks goes to EHN’s staff and leadership for all they do to create a healthier El Paso. Together we will change the stigma around mental health.”

Ruben John Vogt
El Paso County Judge

Message from El Paso County Hospital District

“My eight years of service on the EHN Board of Trustees has ended with the close of 2018. As I reflect on the many accomplishments and milestones the EHN staff and my fellow board members have achieved, I am honored and proud to say that our progress together has reshaped the organization and made El Paso’s healthcare community stronger than ever before.

When I was first appointed to the El Paso MHMR Board, the organization was facing significant operational and financial challenges. The newly reconstituted board worked hard to rebuild and install new, dynamic leadership. And under the direction of Kristi Daugherty, the organization underwent a transformation. A financial turnaround, a rebranding and an expansion of clinical services have resulted in a revitalized, dynamic agency that truly lives its mission and provides vital, lifesaving services to members of our community who need it most.

In these few short years, EHN created an extended observation unit to help people in crisis to receive services in an appropriate setting. EHN also introduced a substance abuse business line and greatly expanded military veteran services through its Veteran-One Stop Shop. During 2018, EHN is embarked on an ambitious, historic partnership with the El Paso Police Department to provide an even greater level of service to individuals in the justice system facing behavioral health challenges.  Yet even in the face of this significant service expansion, exceptional customer service is the standard, with patients and family members reporting their experience as positive — and their care teams remain committed to excellence. In addition, through smart budgeting and forecasting we maintain a significant dollar amount in cash reserves. Something that is increasingly difficult for health care organizations to do in today’s economic environment.

The many wonderful relationships that I have built over the years are what I will miss most. These relationships forged new communication, new successes with so many initiatives. I have had the privilege of serving alongside caring, committed board members who have provided invaluable guidance and insight, as well as the many Emergence behavioral health providers and leaders who have all played a part in building the outstanding system of care we have today. I look forward to many new partnerships between EHN and the El Paso County Hospital District, so that together we will continue bettering the lives of thousands of individuals and families who need our services.”

Jacob Cintron
Chief Executive Officer


The mission of Emergence Health Network (EHN) is to ensure superior recovery-based services for mental health,
developmental disability, and related conditions for the people of El Paso County.


The vision of Emergence Health Network is to take the lead on behavioral and developmental services in the El Paso
region ensuring access to quality services, advocating for a better quality of life, and providing strength, hope and
recovery for persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse disorders.


Engage our customers by communicating the benefits of services and recovery.
Celebrate our consumer’s strengths when participating in services.
Foster hope in every service delivered.
Demonstrate evidence of our consumer’s successes towards recovery.
Recognize our consumers and staff for all achievements made.


  • Ensuring Quality
  • Improving Access
  • Increasing Communications
  • Enhancing Resource Development
  • Strengthening the Organization


In 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Community Mental Health Act which established mental health centers in communities. It helped people with mental illness and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities that were “institutionalized” move back into their communities by creating “Local Mental Health Authorities.” In 1966, the Local Mental Health Authority (LMHA) was opened in El Paso and Emergence Health Network born. EHN is now one of 39 LMHA’s in Texas.  In 2016 EHN celebrated its 50 th Anniversary and although we have undergone some name changes throughout the years, our committed to our residents has remained the same.